Being a psychic means I have the capacity to look into the imminent future activities or events of my client. I prefer to work in the here and now rather than where one will be in five years time.


The here and now are usually the universal issues we all have with children, money, business, house purchase, law suits, love and immigration etc. Any current event or dilemma in ones life that has lead many to many different forms of advice or guidance.


Once again it is believed that a tool is required and again I can’t produce one. I have the capacity to speak to Spirit Guides. We don’t all believe in them but we have them. This again is a literal conversation for me.


Working in a psychic capacity I always say to the client that I am more interested in the information from the Guide than I am in what they look like. I only see them as a hue of colour in the hour session, I don’t put emphasis on any more as it is only the information that the client is seeking that I need receive.


Whatever the client’s current dilemma, I hear the story from the necessary Guide. Again it all becomes about the validations.


I would have to be able to give current initials and character traits. Current company logo’s, any form of information that is a validation to the subject on hand, before the client would in any way have my trust to then give them insight into future possibilities and outcomes that they have to choose from. I have to say ‘choose’ as even though psychics can see an outcome the client may well want a different one. They often come back to me and say ‘yes, it came up but we decided not to’. ‘You saw it we just couldn’t but it happened’.


Certain things are carved in stone and that’s the predictive part and a harder part to make the client see as sometimes what they are planning is just not on their cards currently. Again they will return and say ‘honestly, I just thought you were so off, it went in the direction you saw entirely’.


I have found in my psychic session that there are always 4 to 5 things that the client and I just can’t make sense of. Small things that are just predictive, like telling a person that they will travel although we have just spent an hour thrashing out their dire finances. Or saying to a client that they will move and they have lived in their home for 20 years and have no plans.


It is usually these very far fetched things at the time that the client holds onto or remembers and is surprised when they happen.




Being a Medium simply means I am able to communicate with anyone that has passed.


I don’t use any form of tool as such. Some Mediums prefer to use cards or crystal balls etc. My capacity as a Medium is auditory and visual.

For myself it is a literal conversation with a person my client wants to connect with.


The validations that I find so important in a session are to describe or capture the person’s essence, explain how they passed or when.


This is important to many clients as often there are questions regarding how long they were alone or any pain and suffering endured at the time of their passing. Sadly but very true, many of us do not get to say good bye or be at our loved ones bed side. It becomes about the road accidents and murders and abductions and horrific ways we lose our loved ones and the questions that devastate us for years to come regarding their final hours. Sadly these are all validations for me.


Thereafter it becomes a conversation often about what the family or loved ones have been up to as the spirit person proceeds to tell me how they have been honoured or what may have occurred in the family since there time of passing.


Sometimes it is sad, they may tell me of a divorce or a miscarriage or a family fall out.

On a happier note they may speak of a family vacation or an engagement, a new baby in the family – just little bits of news as a validation that they have witnessed and watched and are still very present in our day to day lives


©Laureen Marx 2016.