I cannot say there was any specific moment that I realised or decided to be in any way spiritual. It is something that could be deemed more of a journey or life path that found me.


Coming from a family of believers in the after life and spirituality it wasn’t very hard to make what was actually a very gentle transition for me from being a corporate person to a self employed psychic and medium for 16 years now.


My ability to see spirit manifested more in my teens and later on in a much stronger way in my mid twenties. I took it upon myself to read as much as I could and started to dabble with cards because that was the tool other readers I had been to used. That seemed like the ‘magic’ in communicating with the so called other side.


For me it wasn’t though. I realised spirit would simply pop in at very inopportune times when sitting with a friend or acquaintance and it would just unfold from there.


I spent a bit more time working on making it more of a controlled ability than a social hindrance. A hindrance as in, not all people believe in this or even need it or want it as a comfort. I have always preferred an approach of people making there way to seeking a Medium or Psychic than supposedly putting myself out there.


My journey has only been enriched as I have grown through the years of spending time with clients and chatting to those they have loved and lost. Allowing me a perspective of what I have in the now and not what I don’t. That life does continue after a loss and it matters to those that have left what we do with our lives besides grieve. It has given me a foundation I was sadly lacking in my twenties and early thirties.


I also know from personal experience that we can communicate with anyone that has left us but it does not heal the fact that they are not going to return and will in our time left on earth forever be absent and missed.


I have a handful of stories like most of my clients do about signs and visits and the presence of our deceased loved ones. I don’t know why we still question their presence from time to time after they have passed.


It has only enhanced my desire to spend time proving to those that need it, that their loved ones simply are still there in so many ways.

©Laureen Marx 2016