I would not wish on my worst enemy , the anguish, pain, suffering and extreme longing a mother feels after burying her child.
If, however you have had to go through this living hell, my wish for you is that you meet Laureen.
I had wanted to go to sleep and just never wake up, and thought that thought, at least once a day , every single day for months and months and months on end.  Then someone told me about Laureen.  I made an appointment and went very nervously, scared and not knowing what to expect, as images of a scary lady, crystal balls, and spooks were playing over and over in my mind., but at the same time I was so longing for news or some info about my son.
……….. And then there was “Laureen”.  A very NORMAL, SMILING, BEAUTIFUL, YOUNG LADY, with an outstretched hand, saying “Hi, I’m Laureen”, and straight away I felt safe, welcome and at ease.   Within minutes I had NO doubts that this was my son talking to me.  I had hoped to gain from the appointment, the knowledge that my child had not suffered, had not been in pain, and that he was safe but, for a mother to then come to the understanding that her child is not  dead., yes he is no longer in his physical body, but he is very, very, very much alive, as his soul or energy field, is still around and most importantly at peace and happy, is something there are no words to explain.
This was a life changing experience ,literally, and the gift that Laureen gives can never be repaid, as this allowed me to pick up the  bits and pieces, and continue with my journey.  Forever changed, forever with a longing, forever scarred and never again just carefree, BUT with an acceptance, a very sad but calmer heart and the ability to once again take part in this world.
Laureen made this amazing experience  seem sooooo normal, so caring, so full of empathy and love that it is impossible to leave her feeling anything but uplifted, enlightened and with a much lighter load to carry.  Her energy is magnetic, and I always leave her feeling like I’v just spent quality time with a best friend.  Her connection with the spirit world, guides and our celestial family, is unmistakeable and genuine.
They say that friends are the family we choose, well,  Laureen is definitely my soul sister, by my choice.  I am  forever in her debt, and I now understand that we as human’s, can love on so many different levels.

Carol Couvaras

Johannesburg, South Africa

Laureen started the process of changing my life. I had a reading done as I couldn't get over my mom's death. Laureen did a spot on reading, She is gently to the point, yet also compassionate. And she injected a little humour into the readings I had, which was wonderfully uplifting Her readings are extremely accurate. I have had a couple of readings with Laureen and they have enlightened me a great deal.

Linda Wagstaff

Johannesburg, South Africa

After our son was killed in an accident, we were fortunate enough to go abroad to the U.K and have a reading with the renowned medium Rita Rogers - Author of 'Reaching for the Children', 'From One World to Another' and 'Soul Mates', just to mention a few of her books.  Rita Rogers was also Princess Diana's psychic advisor and good friend.
Our reading with Rita Rogers was truly amazing and she opened our eyes to a whole new world, as well as bringing so much comfort to our family. A few years ago we had a reading with Laureen. I can honestly say that her readings were incredibly accurate and she made us realize that there is someone in South Africa who has a gift as good as that of Rita Rogers - she too was able to bring us so much peace and comfort, she enlightened us that there is without a doubt - life after life, and that our beloved Son was in a better place, and is still watching over us.
Laureen also has an amazing ability to advise you on personal and business affairs. She has made a HUGE impact on our family, and I consider us truly blessed, having had a reading with someone as gifted as Laureen....  WE LOVE HER!


Pat and Collin Mulligan

Johannesburg, South Africa

Laureen literally changed my life. I first went to see her about 5 years ago, as I was in a very weird place, and needed some guidance. She immediately picked up on everything going on, and told me that my spirit guides where not happy with me. I had been told years ago, that I should be doing spiritual work, but I had never done anything about it. She told me it was now time! When I admitted that I didn't have a clue where to start, she told me that healing was my gift. I started my first Reiki course a week later, and I know have a thriving healing practice, and it has honestly changed my life. I go and see Laureen religiously once a year, just to make sure I'm still on the right track. I have seen many mediums over the years, and there are a few things that set her apart... her ability to guide you, rather than tell you what you should be doing or what you want to hear and her openess and sense of humour. She makes you feel relaxed immediately and knows when to be serious and when to inject sometimes much needed humour. She is now the only psychic medium I recommend to my clients.

Angela Whitehouse

Johannesburg, South Africa

I honestly don’t know where to start  or how best to articulate what she has done for both me and my family. I was introduced to her a long time ago by a work colleague – probably around 2002.   I was generally unsure about the direction to take with my career at the time, although I think the first visit was more out of curiosity based on the things my colleagues had told me about her. Nothing prepared me for this striking, vivacious woman and her deep insights into my life and the situation at the time.  She told me about my  guides and her guides – verified some of the current circumstances and then explained what her guides said would happen in my life. It was an unusual experience and parts of the reading I initially rejected until events came to pass which led to my entire career landscape changing almost overnight – exactly as she had said it would. In hindsight it wasn’t just a “psychic reading” but the beginning of an education into spiritual possibilities I hadn’t even considered before. When we experienced the tragic loss of our daughter some years later, I introduced my wife  to her and she provided us with the most wonderful closure and communication  with her – a gift we cannot possibly ever repay. Our relationship with her is something that has spanned time and continents since our move to the UK – she has grown so much  in her spiritual connection to her guides that she is more of a gentle counsellor.  We still call her for readings from the UK sometimes by phone and sometimes just a quick email reading.  They are still as accurate as ever and she remains as impartial as ever – never prescribing any course of action , but simply stating what her guides (and our guides say) and leaving the choices up to us.  Our experience of her is just amazing – always putting you at ease - so connected and compassionate, yet often hilarious – always direct and very witty.  We have never used her readings to make an important decision, but she has given us so many accurate insights over the years to help through obstacles.

Graham King

United Kingdom

I still remember the first time I met Laureen… It was July 2005, just a few weeks after my father was tragically killed. I went together with my mother and brother and we were very sceptical and didn’t have high expectations at all. Our reading with Laureen was incredible, not only did she connect with my late father but her information was so accurate and she was able to channel my fathers personality so well. We left in awe. That reading brought us so much peace, closure and healing. Since that first reading 11 years ago I have had many other equally incredible readings. Laureen has not only been able to connect me with my late father but she has taught me so much about the spirit world. Thank you Laureen. May you continue to touch people’s lives with your gift.

Raquel Neilson

Johannesburg, South Africa

I had my first reading from Laureen in 2014, but, before I share how talented she is I need to make everyone aware that I have been a psychic-junkie over the years - I find it fascinating - I have had readings from well-respected and reputed psychics in England and also South Africa over a duration of more than thirty years. I can honestly say I have never been to a psychic/medium like Laureen, she need ask no questions to get her psychic ball rolling, no cards for clues, it seems as though she has a direct line to the all-knowing above us :) I could ramble on passionately for hours but instead I'll put it in a nutshell 'Phenomenally gifted, a remarkably wise soul, I do not believe there is a better psychic out there!'


Johanna Davidson

Johannesburg, South Africa

Laureen is absolutely incredible to say the least . So accurate and on point with so many messages. Myself and my family first met Laureen 10 years ago after the tragic loss of my eldest son. We have since been several times after this to receive messages from him. Every single time we have left , we've left astounded at the incredible gift that Laureen is blessed with. Laureen was able to put into perspective what my son was thinking the night of his accident and put mine and my families minds at ease knowing that he is still with us and that he is okay. Laureen is often able to provide information that is very private . Information that you know for a fact nobody else knows or only a few individuals. It is a totally mind blowing experience. What makes these visits even better besides being able to connect with my son , is the company of Laureen herself. She is very down to earth , genuine and hilarious. She is not one of your typical mediums that tell you obvious information that any one would be able to figure out. Laureen has the capability of putting you at peace with your current circumstances, things that have already happened and an understanding of events that are yet to come. Events that Laureen have predicted previously have all come true . At the time when she says them you think to yourself "hmmm okay" and months down the line things happen and you are left in ore remembering that Laureen told you it would. Laureen is able to give you messages based on current circumstances in your life and what your loved ones think of what is happening. We have truly been blessed to have had Laureen in our lives, there is honestly nobody else we would recommend

Jenny Lynes

Johannesburg, South Africa

I lost my brother a couple years ago, this was life changing, an absolute devastation. The first time I saw Laureen I was completely overwhelmed by what she told me, details ONLY I would know. Straight away she told me she had a young male in spirit who died on impact and described how he looked and described his personality to the last detail, even confirming the date he had died. She went on to tell me about current affairs that we're going on in my life with 100% accuracy. I have since seen Laureen a couple times over the years, and she never ceases to AMAZE me. With her bright/light and straight forward manner, Laureen is certainly one of the VERY BEST.... IN A LEAGUE OF HER OWN. She confirms there is a life after death. I always walk away feeling enlightened and at peace knowing that my brother is in a better place and that he is still watching over me and my family. Her gift is undeniable and I consider myself one of the lucky ones having had the opportunity to have had her read for me!

Bronwyn Mulligan

Johannesburg, South Africa

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