This way of communicating is often difficult to explain to people. As they can’t grasp how they could sit in the UK and talk to me in SA and someone they loved would take up a conversation.


Honestly I can’t say I have given much thought, if any, as to how technology, in any form works. It simply does, we trust it and it’s usually quite accurate in its delivery from sender to recipient in any form. It’s just as simple for spirit.


Initially when I started working full time as a Medium and Psychic my shyness back then was a massive challenge so I only did telephone readings, fax reading (in those days) and the odd email reading. As my confidence grew my clients urged me to do one on one’s. Slowly but surely the phone readings filtered out as I didn’t need the barrier of technology against my shyness anymore.


As life moved me around and I travelled though my own changes, I built up a client base from city to city and province to province. Over time I found that as much as I had new clients the older ones were out of reach as I eventually settled. Of course clients had also moved and immigrated and slowly but surely my one to one client base of old started a telephone readings base again.


The information is no different and no less informative. The spirit people and Spirit Guides are still there, either side of me, just as they are on a one on one and the telephone is the only ‘tool’ in the room.


It doesn’t matter if a person is in Bahrain or Croatia or England or Scotland – the spirit world seemingly will use any form of technology just as we do to say hello.

©Laureen Marx 2016