From time to time I run small classes for people that want to explore their spiritual side. For many reasons people are curious and some have an ability that they want to develop or understand about themselves and spirituality in general.

The variety of people in the classes always fascinate me, from Doctors, IT specialists, accountants, secretaries, animal communicators. The diversity always leads to much hilarity and fun.


I have also had parents in my classes as they try to learn the subtle ways their children are trying to communicate.

Some people have found it too emotional as it is not easy to sit in some ones heartbreak. Some have said its hard work and they’d rather just come to me if they need guidance or conversations with loved ones. Some use it to this day in little ways daily.


Mostly I say, ‘we cannot possibly be guided into a constant state of peace and calm, that does not exist on earth, it is a foundation to allow acceptance of what is not calm and how we endure those times’.


The basic course is to introduce a person to meditation. The different reasons one meditates and what one wants to achieve from it.


Introducing them to the different ways one can be psychic and receive messages. It is different for each person. Some people see more, some people are more auditory. Some start to feel the emotions of others before anything else. There is no one way to switch on a persons psychic capacity.


The classes also learn to communicate with spirit people and spirit animals.

Some receive visits from their own loved ones whilst they learn to connect to those of others.


I also focus a lot on their Guides and assist them in meeting them. This is a little trickier for some but has wonderful emotional results to those that persevere.